Moss & Stitch Platters
Moss & Stitch Platters
Moss & Stitch Platters

Moss & Stitch Platters

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These beautiful botanical-inspired ceramic platters are hand-made in East London. Each plate is completely unique, decorated using leaves, flowers, or feathers, which once inlaid leaving their individual print into the clay and bisque fired. They are then brought to life by hand painting each one using copper and red iron oxides, which once glazed bring the whole piece alive. Beautiful as a decorative piece on the wall, a serving plate for food or to hold precious items such as jewellery. Gill Usher is a ceramicist working from her studio in East London, producing the most beautiful work. It is a joy to have her work at Wattle & Daub.

Platter Fern Diameter 30cm

Platter Hellebore Diameter 31 cm

Platter Mimosa Diameter 27 cm

Please note as these are handmade, no one piece will be exactly the same as another.
We recommended that you hand wash after use and do not put in the dishwasher.

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