preserved burgundy eucalyptus parvifolia
preserved burgundy eucalyptus parvifolia

Dried Preserved Red Eucalyptus Parvifolia

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This stunning eucalyptus has deep burgundy tiny leaves on a sturdy main stem.  It makes a gorgeous display on its own or can be mixed with other dried or faux stems.

Preserved eucalyptus can last for years when stored correctly. It is as supple as fresh eucalyptus and still has a strong scent.  Half of any plants weight is water, so the preserving technique replaces the water with a chemical humectant, most commonly glycerine. Try to avoid sudden temperature and humidity changes which may cause 'sweating', as the glycerine used in preserving cannot evaporate as quickly as water. The dyes used may not be colourfast, so avoid placing on surfaces that could be damaged.  Do not clean stems with water, just lightly dust.

Length approximately 65 cm; 10 stems per bunch.