P.F. Candle Co - Room Spray

P.F. Candle Co - Room Spray

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P.F. Candle Co. room sprays are perfect for creating a relaxing environment. Suitable for use on linens, furniture, clothing, and more.

Body safe.Size - 200 ml

No. 33 Sunbloom - Warm and floral, this scent is inspired by native Californian desert blooms and plants. With top notes of Tobacco blossom, Bamboo leaf and Bergamot; middle notes of Cedar, Lily, Musk and Rose; base notes of Saffron, Sand Verbena and Tonka Bean.

No. 11 Amber and Moss - Fresh, green and outdoorsy. With top notes of Moss and Lavender; middle notes of Sage, Lavender and Orange; base notes of Amber and Musk.

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