Red Rose Gift Set

Red Rose Gift Set

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A thoughtful Valentines Gift, inspired by the English Rose.

London Brick Soap 'Hot Rose'Created by a London-based studio that design and make products in the form of the much-loved London brick, each soap comes in a presentation box with a little card telling the story of the actual type of brick each soap is based on.

Les Choses Simples Scented Candle No. 14 Rose -  Hand-poured in Provence,  these soy wax candles are phthalate-free and fragranced with pure essential oils.  

The Libri Muti Note Book - This collection of note books by Slow Design features notebooks made completely by hand in Florence, Italy using time-honored printing and binding techniques. They color the edges of the book block by hand, a very nice touch reminiscent of the ancient craft of bookbinding. The Mute books collection (Libri Muti) re-interprets classical titles, playing with our memories.


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