A trip to Sicily

A trip to Sicily

I was very fortunate to go to Catania, Sicily for four days back in October.  It was a wonderful opportunity to spend a few days discovering this beautiful City, the second largest in Sicily located on the East Coast at the base of Mount Etna.  I was there for a photography workshop organised by Signe Bay.  It is rare that you get the opportunity to immerse yourself in something you love and gain the added bonus of learning from such generous women from all over the Globe, 

We got to spend time in the Pizza del Duomo which features the whimsical Fontana dell'Elefante statue and the Catania Cathedral.  We were fortunate enough to see the spectacle that is the weekday fish market held in the square La Pescheria.

We watched pasta and ricotta being made and drunk copious amounts of wine No subject off limits.  We got to visit a winery in Mount Etna and eat the best pizza. 

I have never visited a place so passionate about their produce and the food they get to create and share.  An incredible place which I will be sure to go back and visit.  I have attached a handful of photographs to give you a flavour. 


 Styling Signe Bay




View from the street

Beautiful @fortheflavour


The Palazzo



The Winery



Pasta Making.......




Food Market in the Square

Styling by Francesco