Workshops & Brand Photography

Workshops & Brand Photography

As a fellow indie business, I understand the importance of presenting beautiful images to show the story, space and person behind the brand.

Do not underestimate how much photography plays a huge role in your brand identity.   In a world where we have all become ‘photographers’, and our images are out there for everyone to see and critique, there is no excuse not to be able to take the best photograph you can.  This isn’t about you becoming a professional photographer, it is about giving you the confidence to take the best photographs with the equipment you already own.  And who better to tell the visual story than the founder……

With a few simple changes you can turn an average photograph in to a brilliant photograph. 

By all means, if you have the budget, do hire a professional to take photographs to launch a website, provide a refresh or simply to batch content. However, the photographer is unlikely to be with you on a day to day basis when you want to share photographs to one of the many social media channels you will be using, so any improvements you can make WILL make a difference. 

This is about getting you to the point where you are confident to take your own photographs and in turn develop your own style of photography.

During these informal session (s), we can look at how focusing on some key components, such as light, composition and editing will help transform your images using the equipment you already own, whether that be a mobile phone device or a camera.

These sessions are intended for individuals that need to take photographs to represent their brand or a brand they work for, i.e. product shots, styled flay-lays and general shots which show the business journey for use on social media, website or other social media platforms.

During a session, we will cover areas such as :

- Using brand colours and other elements we can determine the type of photographs you want to take, and create a mood board to map this out.

- Equipment

- Camera settings/ Phone settings

- Use of Natural Light (flash photography is not covered) 

- Composition and Styling

- Plus Editing (plus exporting the images) 

No doubt, different people will be at different points in their photography journey and I expect that some may only just be starting out, whereas others may have taken the step to purchase a camera, but remain stuck in auto mode. I will take all of this into account and adjust the session accordingly.

I have created a group workshop and individual one-to-one workshops intended just for one person, or it can be for 2 individuals working for the same brand/business.

Photography Group Workshop (2.5 hours)(minimum 4 people) - £45pp

1-1 Photography Workshops

Half Day (3.5 hours) - £180

Full Day (7 hours) - £300

(if there are no group workshops scheduled on the workshops page, please get in touch to find out the date of the next one)