Everlasting Wedding Flowers

Preserving your bridal bouquet is a wonderful way of capturing a moment in time, that is if you don't intend to throw it at the bridesmaids.  Whether you have a full bouquet or a small selection of flowers from the day, you can choose from four different processes each one designed to create a permanent piece of artwork.

Bas-relief Floral Plaque. An imprint of a selection of your flowers is made in clay and a plaster cast is made of the imprint. The plaque measures approximately 24x24x2cm and has a small hook on the reverse for easy hanging.  Please note that some flowers are more successful than others for the casting process. (I can advise you beforehand or I will choose a selection from the bouquet to work with). You can see an example of the plaster cast in the middle image above. (Shipping Available) £85

Flowers in a Cloche. Your flowers are partly dried and then preserved in an acrylic paint before being arranged in a flower frog and protected inside a cloche.   The cloche measures approximately 23cm x 17cm, however alternative sizes are available. (Collection or Local Delivery Only). £120 (including cloche)

Fine Art Print. A fine art photography print will be produced in a natural light environment using a selection of the flowers from your bouquet.  The flowers will be styled to create the ideal composition and may be rearranged to take into account any flowers that are not at their best after the special day.  The image is printed on fine art giclee paper in a A3 size (29.7cm x 42cm)s. These will be printed to order (once you have approved which image to use). (Shipping Available) £110 (including printing)

Please note all processes described above are dependent on receipt of your bouquet (at Wattle & Daub, Godalming) within three days of your wedding date.  Therefore, we would ask that you contact Wattle & Daub prior to arranging delivery of your bouquet.  If you would like to know more about any of the processes or have any questions regarding this service, please do not hesitate to contact me at wattleanddaub@icloud.com or alternatively you can complete the contact form below.


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