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The Store. Established. 2016

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What We Believe

Wattle & Daub was created out of a desire to show folk that by layering objects which make you smile, start a conversation or that have you tell a story will create a home that is both curious and charming. We care about how and where things are made and we believe that every home (and business) should be distinctive.


What we do.....

Creative Services

The Bricks & Mortar Store

We take the business of shop-keeping very seriously. The chatter of creatives, coffee brewing, the art of curation, the scent of teakwood and tobacco wafting, visits from our four-legged friends, the sound of French jazz and all those imparted opinions.

A visual feast, curated by colour displaying objects for the home created by makers or sourced and salvaged by us. A place to inspire.

As well as our physical space we do have an edited collection of pieces for sale online.

If you are passing, please do pop your head around the door. We would love to see you.

Open. Tues-Sat. 10-5pm. Church Street, Godalming, Surrey, UK

words used to describe our store (well words I have been told about)

whimsical, dreamy, inspired, sensory, exquisite, unique, charming, feast, creative, soothing

ethereal, vitalising, exciting, eclectic, beautiful, wonderful, hub, peaceful, community, gem

face to face interaction in godalming. it's a thing.

Creative Workshops

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