Wattle's Best Dog Friendly Places

Wattle's Best Dog Friendly Places

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I am little obsessed with the whippets.  So much  so,  it is hard to tell sometimes if I am selling whippets or homewares.  I just can't help myself.  As much as these two furry beings add a whole new complexity to my life, they are very much part of the family.  

Here I list some of my favourite places to visit with Ludo & Lemmy.  Plus the funniest extract from the Bluffers Guide to Dogs.

Stamner House - One gorgeous place not too far away is Stanmer House in Brighton, a stunningly restored Grade 1 country house nestled in unspoilt parkland and acres of peaceful, Sussex woodlands and countryside.   You can enjoy a gorgeous breakfast, lunch or a traditional Afternoon Tea.  Plus, if you prefer not to drive into central Brighton, you can pick up a bus in the grounds of the estate which takes you straight to the town.

Bailiffs Court & Climping Beach - Bailiffs Court is a beautiful hotel  set in 30 acres of Woodland leading directly down to Climping Beach.  They have a specially designed packed called Sandy Paws, specially designed for bringing along your four-legged friend.   Whilst you are there, you can visit one of my favourites, Arundel.  

East Head & West Wittering (two walks in this one)

One of our favourite places to visit with the dogs is West Wittering.  I am not entirely sure why Whippets love the sand so much, yet they get incredibly excited whenever we take them to a beach.  It seems to increase the speed!  The dunes at East Head are something else for kids and dogs alike.  An alternative to parking at the main car park in West Wittering, which is utter nonsense in the height of Summer and £8 just to park, is to drive to the car park on Shore Road.   Come out of the car park turn right, and then right again at Marine path, and from there you can walk all the way to West Wittering along the pathway.  Please note between 1 October and 30 April, dogs are only allowed on the adjacent West Wittering beach.

Another lovely walk which ends at one of my favourite pubs, Crown & Anchor starts at Chichester Marina.  Whilst staying in Chichester with some friends we found this brilliant walk, (although when repeating it again with my mother during Winter), I had a sinking incident, which I would rather forget.  I have attached the link to this walk with full details.  It is a 7.5km, figure-of-eight walk taking in one the largest marinas in the country and the tiny village of Dell Quay which was once a busy commercial port.

Click here to find out all the details.

I am now off to add the Crown & Anchor to my favourite pub list on the blog.  

National Trust Gardens are mostly dog friendly, although I do believe none of the houses allow dogs inside.    

My favourites to are:

Claremont Gardens - Welcome well-behaved dogs and their owners at Claremont from 1 October to 30 April. Dogs are allowed in the tea-room year round.



Frensham Little Pond

Winkworth Arboretum

Sheffield Park Gardens

Monks House, Rodmell (the house of Virginia Woolf)

West Dean Gardens - If you are local to Godalming or visiting the area, I would highly recommend a trip to West Dean.  It wouldn't be one of those places that you would expect to be able to take dogs, but they are very welcome if kept on a lead, but do be aware of all of the sheep that are roaming.  

If you have the killer combination of children and dogs, be sure to take a visit to the Weald and Downland Museum

Two pubs nearby who welcome dogs are: I love both of them.

The Fox Goes Free

The Royal Oak Midhurst


Waggoners Wells  

The three ponds at Waggoners Wells   in East Hampshire are popular as a cool shady retreat in summer and for the  spectacular yellows and golds of the beech trees in autumn (see the pic above). I also wanted to mention the gorgeous Applegarth Farm which is close-by, which  is a great place to visit.  I do recall we sat outside with the dogs, but do check first as this may have changed.  I couldn't see   anything specific on the website.  Although, you could easily grab something gorgeous from the shop and head straight to Waggoners.  

I recently stumbled across 'the Bluffers Guide to Dogs', and I thought those with a dog (I assume anyone without one, left this email sometime ago), would appreciate the following truisms;

Dogs are better than men because:
          - They don't have problems expressing affection in public.
          - They always miss you when you are gone.
          - They look at you when you talk to them.
          - They don't feel threatened by your intelligence.  
          - They understand what NO means.
          - They never laugh at how you throw the ball to them.
          - They don't fall about laughing when they break wind.  
          - They can't wait to go for a walk with you.
          - They understand if some of their friends cannot come inside.
          - They think you are a culinary genius.
          - They're nice to your relatives.
          - They don't demand that you dress in fishnets and high heels.
          - They don't shout if you take a wrong turn.
          - They mean it when they kiss you.
          - They can be neutered legally.  
There is of course, Dogs are better than woman because;

But that wasn't nearly as funny.  But I will leave you with a few, as it's only fair.  
          - They don't expect a call when you're late (in fact the later you are the more excited  they are to see you)....
          - They can't talk.
          - They don't want to know about other dogs you've had.
          - They don't believe everything they read in a magazine article.
          - They don't cry for no reason.
          - They love it when your mates come round.
          - They don't like shopping
          - They don't mind if you give their offspring away.
          - They like when you leave your underwear on the floor.