Autumn Interiors

Autumn Interiors

I am literally a walking advert for Autumn, my wardrobe, branding and home.   I love the deep Autumn colours, such as slate greys, burgundy reds, and indigo blues; jewel tones and dark, moody neutrals.     We could never have imagined this time last year, just how much time we would actually be spending in our homes, so suddenly there is even more reason to create a scheme which basically hugs you, as clearly it is hard to find too many hugs anywhere else.

If you dreamt this scheme up, you probably wouldn't think it would work, as there is an awful lot going on.  However, the colours themselves all beautifully sing together and the colour blocking works wonderfully to create these visual zones.   The style of furniture all aligns beautifully to create a very contemporary looking scheme.

Soft moody pink with a deep coral colour, mixed with timeless vintage pieces.  

Deep rich colour hues are very much a thing of the Victorian era, however by combining different colours in the same tones you can make the room feel more modern.  Geometric pieces and materials such as marble combined with metal adds to the contemporary feel.


This is a view from my living room, looking out into the hallway.  It doesn't feel like the most practical thing to do from a selling-on perspective to paint the woodwork dark colours, but I do love the look, just not the thought that one day I may need to paint all the woodwork back to light.