Colour Combinations

Colour Combinations

Choosing the right colour combination when decorating can feel a little overwhelming with all the choice that is out there.   Over the last few years I have gained more confidence to use colour in my home to create a space that is more unique to me.  I don't believe there are any rules when choosing colour, however there are few little things that are helpful to consider when deciding on the scheme.

- Personally, I like to consider first whether I am choosing warm or cool colours, and often consider the colours of the seasons to think about what works well together.  

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- It goes without saying, that taking into account the amount and direction of light, natural and artificial is an important consideration.

What is the purpose of the room?  If it is a snug, you may feel it isn't as relevant to consider the light source or direction of light, it may be that a darker colour will create the right ambience for the room.   

There may be architectural details that will dictate the type of colours you want to introduce, as well as considering the era of the building. 


Definitely look at the colours around you.  For example what colours inspire you.  What do you wear?  Do you love nature?  What is your favourite season? There will be lots of hints around you that can help you decide.

20 Soft Pastel Spring/Summer Color Palettes | OFFEO

Always think about the flow in a house and the consistency of colours.  Even if you are decorating one room, then you should think about the overall palette you are using.   Often when I am decorating, I will take one thing, such as a cushion or a painting and then use this as my inspiration for the whole scheme.   

Plus test, test and test.   Before you jump into any colour combo.  You need to test the paints, and ideally on an A3 size piece of paper, moving it around the room to see how the light affects the colour.   

I think it is also important to mention that although this piece is about colour, the monochrome look and natural colours (a palette of concrete, woods etc), is one of the most beautiful when done well.  

I have put some images below of my favourite colour combos.

1. Pink & Green

(Image Devol Kitchens)

i’ve shared some of devol kitchen’s beautiful design projects on the blog before, but this time i’m happy to share their brand new showroom — a second location recently opened in london. Situated in the inspiring and historic area of St. John’s Square in Clerkenwell, devol’s stunning new East End showroom brings you this gorgeous pale …



2. Chocolate & Mustard

(Image Wattle & Daub)


3. Burgundy & Teal

(Image. Jotex Design Studio)

Sofaer - Jotex

4. Green & Blue

The Natural Home