For the Love of Green

For the Love of Green

Green is very much a colour of choice for interiors these days.  I for one have a green room, and a green (and pink) kitchen.  It is certainly a key thread running through the downstairs.  I recently created a new board on Pinterest, celebrating my love for green and the ways it can be used within your home.  

In the image above (of my home), I have shown how I have used mustard as an accent to compliment the green scheme, and by bringing in the house plants I have added texture and reinforced the overall look.   The room leading off the kitchen is painted in a chocolate brown colour, so there is no green going on in there, as it simply wouldn't work, so you do need to watch where you place your house plants, as the lush green doesn't love every scheme.   Within the image above I have also incorporated some metallic pieces, which lift the scheme and add a bit glam.

Since the trend for house plants has increased massively, you can also bring in green in other ways and not just through paint.

The image above (lifted from Pinterest, source to be updated), shows how you can very successfully incorporate green into your scheme by introducing plants only. This is a rustic scheme, but I love how they have hung this simple piece of textile, and brought in these different textures in the form of terracotta, woods and ceramics in natural tones.  It is so simple, but utterly beautiful.  Assuming you can keep all the plants alive.  


I love this image above (from Pinterest, source to be updated).   There are at least 5/6 different shades of green all complimenting each other beautifully.   It is a sophisticated scheme, but yet with so much warmth.  I will update sources with paint colour, if I can find out, as that muddy green on the wall is something else.   There is a beautiful paint by Bauwerk, called Hawthorn which is equally lovely and pretty similar to this.   I would be really interested to see the rest of this house to see the flow throughout, as this is a bold scheme, so I am sure the rest of the home is as beautifully bold as this.  I think, to achieve the flow is one of the hardest things within the home, but it is the thing that creates the wow, (same as a brand), because you recognise each room as a connection to the other.  

When I was searching for images for my board, I wanted to find a bathroom in green.  There are a number of images which show the floor with a black and white tile, or alternative a tile on the walls.  Black and white works incredibly well with green, as a traditional scheme.  I just love how they have pulled in the dark wood. Although, keeping your cabinet as organised as this, is no mean feat, so it may have to be left to the beauty of Pinterest, as totally impractical.  

Once again, as per the image above using tonnes of greenery, you cannot go wrong with creams, natural wood and a handful of lush greenery.  If you need any help with keeping your plants in check, look out for the Hilton Carter book, Wild at Home: How to style and care for beautiful plants or alternatively, How Not to Kill your Plants by Grace & Thorn.  The shop Moonko is also great for inspiration. And don't forget you can mix both Fresh & Faux plants to make life that little bit easier.  Just make sure you look at the colours you are mixing.  Faux plants do not always do the green as well as they should.  When I source faux plants, I only source the ones that are totally convincing, but that also comes at a price.    Our Rhipsalis and Aloe are incredible.

If you don't want to go dark, the image above shows how you can use a lime wash paint in a soft green palette, but introduce a darker shade of green through textiles. I just love how the plum tones have also been incorporated, probably my other favourite colour.  

I hope the images above have inspired you to bring in the colour green in to your home, if you haven't done so already.    Happy Painting (this has become a bit of a 'keep dancing' saying...)