How to Create a Cosy Living Space

How to Create a Cosy Living Space

I am writing this in February when we are entering into a month of what can be very volatile weather from what I remember last year anyway.  You get some glimpses of Spring and then before we know it we have snow.

Tonight the fire is on and I am about to make a hot chocolate so I thought a blog post about tips to create a cosy space is a good idea. 

Tips on arranging furniture

1. Create Conversation Zones: Arrange seating to encourage an easy conversation. Group furniture in cosy clusters, ensuring that seating is close enough for comfortable interaction (but not too close that people feel uncomfortable!).

2. Use Rugs: Define specific areas by placing rugs under furniture groupings. This adds a sense of cosiness and visually separates different zones.

3. Layer Cushions and Throws: Incorporate soft textures with plush pillows and throws on sofas and chairs. This not only adds comfort but also contributes to a warm and inviting atmosphere.

4. Furniture Placement Around Focal Points:  Arrange furniture around a central focal point, such as a fireplace to create a natural gathering point and enhance the cosy ambience.

5. Introduction of Warm Colours:  Use warm and earthy tones for furniture and walls. Colours like deep reds, warm browns, and soft neutrals can all help to create a snug feel.

6. Choose Comfortable Furniture: Opt for plush, comfortable seating that invites people to relax. Consider oversized pillows and cushions for added comfort.

7.  Add ambient lighting.  Incorporate soft, ambient lighting with floor lamps, table lamps, or string lights. 

8.  Create little Nooks: Arrange furniture to create cosy nooks or reading corners within larger spaces. 

9.  Introduce Multi-Functional Furniture: Opt for furniture with dual purposes, such as storage ottomans or coffee tables, to maximize functionality in a cosy setting.

10. Personalise, personalise and personalise: To create a space that feels cosy can often feel easier if you are more of a maximalist, but either way bringing pieces in to the space which are unique and well made.  

Colours to encourage cosy…