Yes it seems that the more pattern you use will have you trending in 2022.  Less of the minimalism and more of the maximalist.  Possibly it's a reaction to the last two years and one thing for certain is that we need joy in our lives and there is no doubt that when you look at the images below, they spark joy.  If we thought we had too much choice when it came to paint colour, the whole thing just got a bit more complicated.   You are now being asked to add a whole lot of pattern in to the mix as well.  You can of course start with just the one cushion or just go for it.  I have chosen a handful of images and have written a handful of words to go along with the images to explain why I think they work. 


Image.  The Rose Deal.  Interiors by Nicola Harding. Photography. Seth Carnill.

Each element within this room is as striking as the next, however you can see that although quite bold colours have been used together, the pattern on the cushion has a very similar colour and style to that on the wallpaper.  The yellow has been used in the throw, headboard and the light, and then the  bedlinen has been kept very simple in stark white.  

The guest bed is upholstered in a fabric by Gastón y Daniela and dressed with a vintage kantha quilt. The antique nightstand is from BK Antiques, the wallcovering is by Adelphi Paper Hangings, and a pair of vintage sconces flank a still-life artwork from Sutter Antiques. Frank Frances

The Home of Sheila Bridges. Styled by Olga Naiman
This story originally appeared in the September 2020 issue of ELLE Decor.

This image of Sheila Bridges home shows an eclectic mix of elements.  However running through the whole scheme is a soft green used in the headboard, throw, wallpaper, vase and vintage frames unifying the scheme. As you work your eyes below the bed, a cooler palette of greys and blues exist in the valance, rug, bedside table and floor.  Some splashes of orange and yellow have also been used, but this is isolated to smaller areas such as the bed throw, cushion, flowers and the painting.

Image on Farrow & Ball

This gorgeous image and styling by Farrow & Ball (colour on the wall is Sulking Room Pink) shows how introducing pattern through a handful of cushions still provides an impact.  This is a great way of introducing pattern to your scheme, if you only want to use it in small measures.

NY Times. September 2020

Although this room has a number of different patterns running through it, at its core are just a handful of colours.  A bluey/green colour is evident throughout, ensuring that the scheme remains unified.   The floor and ceiling are also matched in colour/tone.  The wood in a similar colour also brings the whole room together.  

Nicola Harding Interiors. Image found on Website. For full credits see the website.

In this image of a room designed by Nicola Harding, you can see there are five different patterns running through this corner.   The deep red exists in three of them and the blue colour exists in two of them. The paint used on the cupboard is matched with both the wallpaper and rug.  So although a number of different elements have been used, they all sing beautifully together.  For inspiration of how to mix pattern and colour, Nicola Harding should be your first port of call.  

I hope you enjoyed these beautiful images.  Gemma