Wall Murals

Wall Murals

Wall Murals do not have the best memories for me.  Back in the day, (like really back in the day), I used to manage a temp desk for a large Investment Bank.  That particular Monday morning had started out a like any other day, until I had a call from the Art Director (yes, large Investment Banks often have their own Art Director, as the art that adorns the wall is an investment in its self).  No pleasantries that morning, just a hurl of abuse, as it transpired that one of my temps had sat on a sculpture (already a no no) only to drop their mobile phone, which bounced and hit the large (and very expensive) mural that was on the wall in reception..........

Back to the current day, and it has become increasingly more easy to replicate the look of an original and unique mural painting on a budget and bring it into your home. Incorporating such a look, can put the fear in some, as it feels like quite a permanent feature, however as the market for beautiful wallpaper murals has become more accessible and affordable, it is something that you could change a few years down the line, if you really felt you needed to.   Hopefully, with such beautifully classic designs out there, the need to change is unlikely, if you get the choice right in the first place.  

I wanted to share a few of my favourite murals with you, and talk briefly about how they can be incorporated into a scheme.  

The first pic I have included below, is a split photograph of the office in our house (on the left) and my daughters bedroom on the right.   This mural is from Woodchip & Magnolia (just the best name ever), designed and originally painted by the lovely Barry Spence

The blue section of the wall is actually on an angle as the roof is pitched.  I am not such a huge fan of feature walls, however I think the impact that murals can give, outweighs the negatives that come with having a feature wall. 

Another style I love by WoodChip & Magnolia is The Bouquet Wallpaper Mural.  As seen below.   It feels like it would be a waste to put any furniture in front of this one. Although that's really the beauty of this, in that it becomes the backdrop to the pieces you have chosen to frame the image, so that there is connection between the two.    

One of my favourite places to head for inspiration on all things murals, is Surface View, I am determined to own something of theirs one day.   I completely love this soft muted birds and floral option below. 


One of my favourite places to head for inspiration on all things murals, is Surface View, I am determined to own something of theirs one day.   I completely love this soft muted birds and floral option below.  


If you don't want to opt for something pretty, there are lots of options for more industrial, urban spaces, like this Brick Mural, also by Surface View.  



The choice of what is available on Surface View is huge, so be prepared to spend time searching to find your favourites.  However, they make it easier for you as the murals are organised into collections by theme, or places.   They have an amazing archive of old photographs to choose from, however for me, I think the photographs work best on a smaller scale.  I prefer something that looks like a piece of art painted directly onto your wall.  

The botanical trend doesn't seem to be going anywhere fast, which has led to a number of really cool botanical murals.    



Amazzonia by Inkiostro Bianco


Image via Bird on a Wire 


Something a little more whimsical is how this mural on the wall has come alive with the addition of an installation of real foliage.  



Although on this blog post, I have focused more on the accessible wall murals available to those on a budget.   There are still many people who are creating original artwork directly onto walls, whether that be a more decorative piece of simple a different paint effect, there are lots of options.  

Main pic on blog and image above and below, is the incredible original work by Claire Basler.  Drop by her website, for inspiring images.  


I hope you have found some inspiration via this post.  Check out the Pinterest Board, I have created purely on this very subject.