Photography (for businesses).

Photography (for businesses).

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Thursday, 21st /10.30am - 1:00pm

Join me, Gemma Lewis, owner of Wattle & Daub, for a beginners workshop on 'How to Improve your Photography to best represent your Brand' (maximum 4 participants)

Having my own business has meant that I have had to learn very quickly how to improve my photography to represent my business in the best possible way. During this workshop, I will show you how by making a few simple changes using either a phone or camera, you can transform your images to help you achieve a wider reach and ultimately gain more customers

During this informal session, we can look at how focusing on some key components, such as light, composition and editing will help transform your images using the equipment you already own, whether that be a mobile phone device or a DSLR.

This session is intended for individuals that are required to take photographs to represent their brand or a brand they work for, i.e. product shots, styled flay-lays and Lifestyle shots which show the brand journey for use on social media, website or other business platforms.

During the workshop, we will cover areas such as :

  • Equipment

  • Camera settings/ Phone settings

  • Use of Natural Light (flash photography is not covered) 

  • Composition and Styling

  • And Editing (plus exporting the images) 

(2 hours will allow me to provide an overview of these areas and to get into some detail, however more in-depth learning may be restricted due to the time allocated) 

Please note where you are using just a mobile phone, depending on the phone that you own there may be restrictions, however this is another good session to help you consider what equipment you may want/need to produce the type of images you want.

No doubt, different people will be at different points in their photography journey and I expect that some may only just be starting out, whereas others may have taken the step to purchase a camera, but remain stuck in auto mode. I will take all of this into account on the day and adjust where possible, using some group work to reflect the different experiences.

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