Lampe Grappe Clear
Lampe Grappe Clear
Lampe Grappe Clear
Lampe Grappe Clear

Lampe Grappe Clear

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These lights travel from Damascus to Godalming, each one as beautiful as the next.

The glass factory is located in Bab Sharki at the entrance of the Palestinian neighborhood and next to the Christian quarter of Bab Touma on the outskirts of the old city of Damascus.

Size 2 - Length 35 cm  Diameter 25 cm  Individual Glass Drop 10 cm

Size 3 - Length 40 cm Diameter 30 cm   Individual Glass Drop 11 cm

Size 4 - Length 45 cm Diameter 35 cm   Individual Glass Drop 13 cm

Size 5 - Length 50 cm Diameter 38c cm Individual Glass Drop 14 cm

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The individual glass drops are attached to a metal cage, and a separate flex with small bulb gets inserted into the metal cage to light the lamp.  The flex is approximately 2 meters.  

The glass factory supports a dozen families and work is carried out day and night because the furnace can't be put out (temperature settings require several days of heating before reaching the right level) .

A family business that has existed for two generations. These are amongst the oldest families of glassblowers using a traditional oven with glass that is recycled from Europe.

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